Motivational story of the day.

A while ago I decided to challenge myself to make a web panel that can manage many aspects of a particular kind of business- clients, payments, employees, all bundles into one. I- like the noob I am/was- decided to make the backend at the same time as the frontend, and I made an absolute mess of it. It took multiple days to write the backend.

Today I got my energy back up and decided to go for a full rewrite. I tried new things and I made an effort to make the code much cleaner, and I decided to do it properly: design the frontend around the backend instead of vice versa. I have a functional backend working now even though I started this morning, and it's much easier to use. It can now be extended by an api if I choose, and it logs in a nice way, is more customizable, and does the setup work for the user.

TL;DR Design backend first, then the interface. Save yourself and others some time.

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