Imagine a group of chimps forming a band like the Foo Fighters... 😐

People would rush to see their performance... 😆

That is until they realize... 😲

That the band's name...

is actually.... 😨



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    This reminded me of a hackathon we attended 😂 none of us were prepared, it was related to game development and we named our team foo fleet. There were really awesome developers, we hacked together some voice recognition apis and created a game entirely controlled with voice. Proud to say the graphics were terrible 😂 we left the event just after giving the presentation and literally we thought "it was poo fleet". Lucky enough we had to go there very next day to collect the cash prize, cz we won that shit 😂😂😂
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    @htlr 😂😂😂 just one character means a whole different shit, I mean poo 😂
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