Does anyone else get more inspired the more chaotic everything becomes? My chaos rod boner goes "Weeeee!" every time a problem reveals itself and I had to fix it.

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    Being a constant beta tester and breaking things is more fun than stability. Stability is overrated.
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    @starrynights89 it's the height of being a game dev 😂

    Oooo.. Apparently, I could just jump from the tower and still lives, easy peasy escape.

    Hooo... Look. It's Diablo. It's an undead so let's just spray it with a Holy Bolt. Last Boss. One hit kill.

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    It kinda depends. Normally I like it but after still having a non-working email server after trying to install that bitch for weeks, it's becoming rather annoying.

    (fixed it friday night and still no clue how)
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    Yes, I love fixing things. Sometimes I even get lost in it. 😅
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