A four hour train ride has now became bearable. (Probably used for cleaners but now it's powering my laptop)

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    Enjoy your ride!
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    Aren't these common?
    I took cheap trains throughout Europe many times, and rarely did I have situations where there were no sockets. I even used them in buses.
    Definitely a good thing to have.
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    The new generation of local trains in france have all sockets for each seats... But old generation have those for cleaners locked up so the only alternative was to go near the bathroom and charge your device there.
    (For TGV its different, most of them have also a socket for 2-4 seats)
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    Having a battery that can't last for 4 hours is the same as having no battery at all.
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    They seem to recently have removed all the bullshit from trains here and now each seat has its own socket.
    So 4 seats, 4 sockets. Denmark IC3
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