Thought there might already be the first high altitude rant.
Hello from 10km above you all.

Things to complain about:
The LOUD plane.
The LOUD Asians.
The seat swapping Asians. Throws passenger manifest out the window in case of accidents.
The hairiest dude next to me which is only like 3 links away from being descendent of monkies.

The good stuff:
Modern Boeing 737-800.
Free WiFi for everyone.
Friendly crew.
Reading about 737-800 plane specs and crashes.

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    The LOUD Blacks.
    The LOUD Mexicans.
    The LOUD Indians.
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    Reading about crashes on a plane? Amatuer.

    I read about chicken nugget ingredients while eating chicken nuggets 😎😏😏

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    Start talking loudly about phalanges and how your plane has none onboard.
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    It could be worse with 10 crying babies.
    I recommend to everyone Sennheiser 4.50 BTNC active noise canceling headsets. Last time I had a 3 hour flight, there was a baby crying non-stop. All the passengers were frustrated as hell and some were plugging ears with fingers. I just had my coffee and listened black metal and had the most comfortable flight \m/ :) winning
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    ++ for Boeing, those things fly well!
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    @wateringdisease there was a baby was wrote my rant that started to cry. For a long long time. Like the devil pecessed him
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