Whan you leave for work in the morning but halfway there remember you've left your laptop charger.

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    I fear this day might happened to me
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    @devTea fear it, dread it... just wait for it.

    I have a powerbank that used to work with my old Vostro 3350 - didn't charge it but at least I could keep it running. That trick, however, doesn't work anymore on my current one.
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    @rEaL-jAsE Afraid not - I have a slow desktop as my stationary workstation. Now, if it were to suddenly break ... wait, no - that's a terrible idea - we then have a bunch of even-slower-than-that laptops in storage inventory.
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    I wish I could edit my initial post with an update - in the end I found my charger... I had left it at work over my "lazy weekend" and hence it was missing in my backpack. It was one of those "happy reunited" moments as the battery was down to 24%.
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    @rEaL-jAsE quite the opposite - I am a slow typer, however, as you can see.

    It's that "lucky Monday" that you get after Friday the 13th.
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    That is Baymax!!!!
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    Same reaction when I forget my phone so I can't sign in with 2FA.
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