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As my weekend adventure I decided to go ahead to shoot myself in the foot. I purged Windows 10 in favor of Fedora 28...

Up till now everything that I ran as an experiment on CentOS7 on another PC (my old, now retired, PC) seemed to work without much issues. Now that I've commited my main desktop to this, minor annoyances have grown into fairly big drawbacks that I underestimated before.

So reaching out a question to all the greybeards out there - gaming on Linux (not distro specific) ... how do you do it and/or what has been your experience with it so far? As far as I've read into it - it's possible, granted, the performance will suffer for obvious reasons of running stuff inside Wine (some people, as I've heard have mentioned the opposite acually - running in Wine has blessed them with better performance due to lower overhead) and I can accept that not everything will run on it (in exchange for the linux goodies it brings me).

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    If you game then dual boot is the only solution, everything else is a waste of time and/or resources (unless you play only old games or ones natively supported on Linux).
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    @nickpapoutsis I don't do high end gaming anymore and I certainly don't have to get my hands on every new release - I have a few games I jump on from time to time and even fewer ones that I frequent.

    I really want to avoid dual booting because I'm sure the two will wreck each other at some point and I'll have to visit Windows Boot Repair or GRUB rescue more often than I should otherwise. I also would haemd up keeping two sets of the same applications for stuff like Skype, Discord, etc, which, over time would just grow into two simillar enviroments, containing the same set of tools... taking up a lot of wasted disk space. And then there's the switching between the two every time I feel like taking a break and doing some gaming.

    Currently, the two that I frequent are War Thunder and Warframe, of which, the first one has a Linux launcher and everything (still runs on Wine from what I am to understand, but uses OpenGL instead of DX9).
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    I don't have a link right now, but Linus Tech Tips just did a video on this (with a Linux guy) that's probably the best intro to the true current state of Linux gaming I've ever seen. They offer guides and some level of support on their forums as well. Go check it out and see if you can live with what they offer before you resort to dual booting.
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    There is a Skype client for Linux, although review are mixed and maintenance is sketchy. There are discord clients, too, but they don't seem to have full feature support yet. I try to get people to use Wire, anyway, so I'm out of touch with a lot of the more common communication apps.
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    @powerfulparadox thanks for the suggestions - I'll look into Linus Tech Tips. I currently need a primer of some sort otherwise I'm just whaling around blindly in the dark (just like the very first time I tinkered with linux).

    As for appa - I'm good on those... Got Skype, Telegram, Discord working just fine thanks to Flatpak (if you're on Ubuntu you can do the same with 'snapd').
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    @theKarlisK That video was quite informative. I wasn't aware of dxvk, for example. There's some exciting stuff being done these days. As with almost everything in Linux, you can often do more than you might expect as long as you know where to look.
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    @Rantsomewhere summoning a greybeard - I'll look into this when I get home but wouldn't mind any pointers or reading material in the meantime.

    Currently I got War Thunder (didn't require any configuring really) working but yesterday I tried and got lost with getting Warframe set up. There's Wine, Winetricks and Play On Linux currently on my system ... I know that, while they complement each other, they're unrelated and Play On Linux is essentially just a GUI management tool to wrangle Wine. But maybe I'm doing it all wrong?
    For example - I got few games in my Steam library, which are Windows only... should I install Windows version of Steam in Wine and stop Steam for Linux when running it in order to install, for example, say GTA V (I know it's unlikely I'll get that working, but it's the first Windows only Steam game that popped up).

    P.S. I have an nvidia GPU with drivers from RPM Fusion set up and working properly.
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    @RantSomeWhere Nice, thanks - I had the feeling I was going the wrong way about it by setting up Steam for Linux and trying to install Windows games on it. xD
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    PS not reading the replies.
    Also changed to mint... Games... OK, my new hobbie takes all my time.
    But when I needed a program that only works for windows... Fuck me.
    Gonna steel my mom's laptop for that anyway. But I'll have to dual boot.
    Question, can you use different drives for dual boot?
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    @GyroGearloose If you want to use different drives then don't let them talk to each other. Install the OS separately and then when booting press F12 or whatever to choose boot device.
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    @nickpapoutsis that might be a really good idea, keep mint on the ssd and I have 1tb free for windows... Since I already have a OEM key it might work, only change the boot on bios
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