there. I just gave my 4 weeks notice. and it feels good.

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    Better prepare for calls in about 5 weeks
    "Hey uhm I'm working on something you made and how does this work?!"
    P.S.: congratz on that step! Hope you'll have fun in the future!
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    GL! All the best!
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    @jonii @diobert thanks! :)
    and yeah to bad for them, but I won't pick up the phone while busy with my new job
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    The next job will probably involve.. legacy code. Unless it's startup, in which case it will instead involve 200 hours per week for 50 cent per hour.
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    @Fast-Nop my salary is better at the new job, and my contract specifies my work hours. and I don't mind legacy to some extent, but at my current job it actually prevented me from learning new stuff.
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