Just finished swapping soft tubes for rigid ones.

Bending was a lot of fun :)

It's 4am, but I don't think I'll be able to sleep waiting for the leak test to pass

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    Awesome job!

    Those paper towels make me so freaking nervous though.
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    @starrynights89 You always need paper towels before filling a loop, these bastards can be a fucking livesaver...
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    How are you gonna get the third fan to the radiator?
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    @electrineer just screw it on there. It's only unscrewed so I could thread the compression ring right next to it. Then I got sleepy and left it like that :p
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    @starrynights89 The paper towels are only for the leak test. They don't prevent water from touching the components. They don't have any electric current in them, only the pump does. The towels are just to detect the leaks if they happen.

    With current technology, leaks rarely happen if you do what the manual says
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    Looks awesome, Im guessing 8700k oc'd. Whats the gpu tho?
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    (please tell me you aren't wasting that beautiful gear on mining cryptocrap..)
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    Doubt it, return on investment time on a beast like this is likely very bad
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    @Kulijana 8600k oc'ed to 5ghz and the gou is a 1080ti

    Why i5? I don't like i7s :p
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    @1oo7 no... I play all sorts of games + Android development.
    If only the pc at work would build projects as fast as this one does :p
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    What do you mean exactly when you say you dont like i7, any general reason or?
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    @Kulijana It's an i5 with hyperthreading that usually serves no purpose but increase it's price, and make developers develop their games as if everyone should have 16 threads running in parallel.
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    @starrynights89 towels are gone now :)
    @electrineer fan back on too
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