I know stack overflow is filled with grumpy elitists assholes that will downvote or shit on your question, answer or whatever for whatever reason they can find, and that certain guidelines need to be followed to make a clear, comprehensible question, and I've accepted that.

However today SO hit an all time low for me when a post got shit upon for ending with "thanks In advance".

Have we really come to a point where even the slightest bit of courtesy is frowned upon?

Do we all have to become mindless fucking robots without any sympathy or gratitude?

Ofcourse I understand you shouldn't dedicate an entire paragraph to saying hello, introducing yourself and thanking everyone and their mothers. But what the fuck is wrong with a simple greeting or sign of gratitude.

I even found an entire discussion about wether or not greetings and thanking should be banned by rule. And that really upsets me.

Programmers, nerds and the like are already judged as generally closed people and antisocial. And that may be true. But are we really gonna let ourselves become even worse where we can't thank someone who helped?!

Fucking thank you for reading.

And to the grumpy old diahrea farts, I hope you and your devilish spawn live a life of endless loneliness and solitude

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    I'm agree, and
    you are fucking welcome, bro
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    Respect and courtesy are values that are being progressively lost in our society sadly :/ sad to see that even some of us programmers are adhering to this
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    Closed groups of people (cliques) with power over others are among the scariest things in the world.

    Like a lake with no outlet, everything eventually turns toxic and inhospitable, driving everything away. (See: Salton Sea, popular girls in high school, military regimes, etc.)
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