> "I know you're off but when you get a minute can you look into this urgent issue?"

"Sure, got something important on at the minute though, I'll get back to you shortly"

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    That’s how we software engineers live!
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    @oudalally this one's dead pony club, it's pretty sweet so couldn't really imagine getting hammered off it but when it's touching 30 degrees out it's a damn refreshing drink
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    @oudalally York :) we (gf and me) live about an hour and a half away so it's a convenient little getaway for a few days
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    Reminds me that I should probably get some Jupiler and Duvel cans & bottles as well for refreshment 🤔

    I don't recognize the beer as a Belgian one though. Any good?
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    Punk IPA is delicious 😍
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    @growling uhm, no. When I'm off, I'm off. Even if an ugly Gila monster chews off my boss' dick and he screams for help, I'm still off.

    The key is to make proper HR planning and take care of the bus factor before the shit hits the fan. Some companies just need to learn this by the hard way.
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