So, this is a place I can possibly get some feedback on this and have never really been able to explain it to anyone because they lack the knowledge. Hopefully there are some programmer philosophers/psychologist here.

Thought - you know? That thing we do every day? The main component that we use to communicate?

I find I think in OO, ringed holons of sorts. There is a subject, and various subjects within that subject. Say colors that link to ranges of wavelengths.

And I see quite often, especially when arguing or mad, that this logical connection breaks down in other people. e.g. you will say you dont like a specific flower, and then all of a sudden someone assumes you hate flowers. Or even bigger leaps in logic, assumes you hate nature. Jumps up a OO class or two.

Anyone else find the OO model of categorizing things in their mind? Anyone else notice people can't prioritize and organize 'data' into a model that makes sense and agrees with itself?

It pisses me off to no end when people get mad because they can't keep topics together, or make arguments up in their head because they can't coherently remember and link what they just input. Worse yet, when they can't understand how I link things together and me explaining ~this~ concept. How they are incapable of grasping similar objects similarities but are able to go, "You said something is hostile? I'm using that word now because I heard it, and now bananas are hostile because you used a banana as an example for something with a peel while explaining layers of objects." (Shit example, just a "wtf" in logic leaping)

end rant. if it doesn't make sense, sry not sry. if someone gets it. phew

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