C++ VS Java VS PHP. VSCode VS Vim VS Emacs. Chrome VS Firefox. Android VS iPhone. Windows VS MacOS VS Linux.

I am beginning to feel that opinions are like buttholes. We all have them and we all think everyone else's stinks

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    It's Android vs iOs !
    Now perfect !
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    And here I thought it vas something like Nano VS Vim... not GUI VS Cmd
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    No your opinion is wrong!

    Everyone's opinion is fantastic and smells like flowers
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    Anything which is closed source and thus can't be checked for vulnerabilities or backdoors and/or is owned by a company which doesn't handle data ethically and/or is integrated within any kind of mass surveillance engine is bad imo.
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    I'm always triggered when people say Android vs iPhone or Samsung vs iPhone. It's ANDROID VS IOS. OS vs OS. Learn the difference.

    Thanks for coming to my Ted talk
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    I think your opinion about my butthole stinks!
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    NeoVim vs the world.
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    Java. Sublime. Chrome. Android. Linux.

    There, now it's settled :-P
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    @Zaphod65 Why in the world would you use Chrome? Firefox is at least as bad, but you can customize it. I'm all about Brave, until it becomes like the other ones.

    And I hate Sublime, but heh :)
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    @TheOct0 because Google services + all my passwords, tabs and everything else is saved to my account. When I log back in everything goes back
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    I don't get the "VS" mentality.

    I'm a pragmatic programmer. I use literally everything in that list and then some, except the text editors/IDE. And I do use several IDEs (currently 4 in my task bar) and text editors (mainly 2).

    What happened with "use the best tool for the task at hand"?
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    Nicely spoken. I agree with you
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    @achintyakumar More like C# vs Java, they are more similar
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    @achintyakumar For the same reason someone would think Java is the best language for building a ten page site with a basic CMS. 🤔😉
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