Today is the last day of my job, and even though it's been a shit show and they have the worst possible coding standards here, oddly I'm going to miss it.

Hello unemployment, it's been just over a year now friend. If only freelance work was easy to come by; guess I can sell my body.

6 more hours and I'm a free man.

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    Take a few months off and enjoy it. Also what are your prices?
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    Beware, road to prostitution is slippery. ;)
    Seriously though, good luck and all the best from the fellow unemployed dev.
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    @arazzz your first statement triggered me unnecessarily. Dark reality.
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    You're from the UK, so you'll be fine. You'll have a new role in minutes.

    I've walked out of a company and had 3 offers the following day I'm not anything special its just the state of things at the moment, thankfully.
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    @delegate212 Haha thank you, I shall do. Off to Kent for a week and then to Norway for a "business meeting". But mostly for leisure.

    Prices have always been negotiated as my work is often learned on the spot (in my job I only made internal web tools and nothing else for a year). So I'm not sure what a fair offer would be honestly; additionally I return to Uni for a year in September but need to find some side work to pay for my insurance :)

    @arazzz Thank you pal, much appreciated. A slippery road indeed ;) not bad pay though by the looks of it

    @delegate212 I get offers on LinkedIn and what not (it's out of date currently though, updating it is next on the list). Unfortunately it seems people don't read your page and offer Senior .NET Developer roles to a 21 year old with just over a year of experience.
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