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    @Artemix of course! I’m not so great at English
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    Cool ! I really like the background
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    @AdrienNini thanks! It’s grabient tbh
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    Could be improved but hey that's my opinion. If you like it keep it.
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    @Floydian how exactly it could be improved? Tell me, it’s important for me
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    @uyouthe I used to have that gradient background and funky fonts, but then I learnt that it makes thing unreadable.

    Also, looks childish. that's when I implemented a black and white theme (because I really lack skills for creative layout and B&W looked cool and elegant) with simple font.

    I got a lot of compliments for simplicity as it was more readable and stuff.

    Have a look: www.prismo.net
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    @uyouthe Though, I am planning to rewrite the entire code and minor design tweaks along side implementing the dark theme.
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    @Floydian i have about 40 years left to live. Despite that black and white are always look smart and serious indeed, I'll prefer to see what I really like on my personal website.

    Black and white is really boring, it's everywhere.
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    @uyouthe That's what I said, B&W is my personal opinion.
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    @Floydian Prismo is cool.

    Btw, my website passes WCAG 2.0 AA grade on both markup and contrast tests.
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    @uyouthe How do you test that?
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    @Floydian https://achecker.ca/checker/... and https://webaim.org/resources/....

    Frankly speaking, blue and white fails it, but the headline is so huge so it just can't be unreadable. Purple and white passes the test.
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    @uyouthe thanks. Will check out.
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    Didn’t even say it was a safe link. I’m gonna get a virus.
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