Being offered a mid DevOps role after just 1.6 years of experience in the field (plus 1 year as an intern) feels... unreal.
Side-note: also, each stage was at a different company and my "junior" 1.6 years were at a startup where I was the only one on this discipline so at times it got a bit hardcore.
Having a 5x salary increase in 2 and a half years is both heartening and terrifying.
And, of course, the impostor syndrome slowly creeps back in...

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    Good for you for the 5x salary increase
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    @diobert thanks. More money for books and food.
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    Good for your bank account, and don't let imposter syndrome make you doubt your abilities. If you managed to do your tasks even when being just one dev, you are a good dev that deserves to be well-paid.
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    remember: your salery and the things you do on the job and emotions have nothing to do with each other. Employers always try to guilt you into feeling obliged to do more and they tell you that what you do is a direct compensation of your effort.

    it's not.
    You sell your time and skills for the price the employer is ready to pay.
    There are no emotions in this transaction. It's like you have bought a Saas subscription.

    And never ever look at ceos and boses as almighty. They're people just as you. Doesn't matter if a person has $20mio or 2000 on the bank.
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    I think if you don't have imposter syndrome at some point you aren't pushing yourself hard enough. Congrats on the new position!
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