One of my current freelance jobs is to "save" a project for an agency.

I was called because they kinda wasted money with two developers who did nothing (or did worse than nothing) and the client became really pissed off.

There was, though, a quite big problem (for me) with this project: it uses Kentico CMS (C#/ASP.Net Web Forms) and I have no previous experience with both CMS and languages it uses.

In the end, I accepted because of money 😏 (and to not put a stain in my name with some people i know 😅).

Bear in mind that I'm a self-taught coder, still on the noob side, and I doubted if I would be capable of doing it (and I still doubt if I did some quality job in it, or need to improve stuff).

I don't know if it was my previous attempts at learning Haxe or Java, touching the C# code felt pretty familiar, though I hated the whole process (there might be at least 1 rant about it :P) of developing this project because of tons of stuff (the way things work with the CMS, ASP.NET Web Forms, the way it handles layouts, the way it loads things, did I say ASP.NET Web Forms already?).

I'm just relieved now because I received an e-mail that the client reeeally calmed down, the project's almost done and needs just some adjustments before it's sent for homologation.

Now it mostly needs content.

And I can also properly sleep.


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