I have opted OUT of interest based ads.

So they show me ads based on my location, time of day, my browsing habits, the food I eat and shit I take, the bus I travel by, the phone I use, the dog I fuck, TV channels I watch and microwave I use.

But absolutely not based on my interests.

This is sooo fucking cool.

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    You fuck a dog?
    Hope this returns a null pointer exception
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    "Kutte ka chakkar Babu bhaiya, kutte ka chakkar"
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    First Raven and Now dogs
    Damn flodys you have some issues.😂😂
    BTW these ads are kinda annoying and you are finding it cool ,Man you have some issues.
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    Your location or time is not your interest...

    - What do you enjoy doing?
    - Oh, I love living in India at 4:22 PM.
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    What's so bad tho? What if you get an ad for a cool IDE or a cool movie, game or something.
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    Fair enough, that’s not more than the TV show knows about you. And it has nothing to do anymore with a personalized profile
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    @Nitin1607 woooosh

    @sSam hahahaha

    @meowxiik yeah that's how I got devRant suggestion. But still tracking is not cool.

    @bcye agreed but yet they are tracking me in one way or other.
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    I periodically go through on Facebook and flag all of the ads as offensive, no matter what shows up. Ergo, I see a lot of ads for Facebook advertising.
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    @Kaji I periodically report Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and all others as spam and harmful
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