I arrived at the office and found out that somebody has tampered with my monitors, three cups of coffee standing on the desk and three screws next to them. When asking whose are these nobody knew (or maybe they did not want to tell).

Anyway I booted Ubuntu and before getting on to other tasks wanted to reinstall local installation of the web app I am working on:

$ sudo su
# cd /var/www/html
# rm -R /*

Before I realized what I did it was already to late. Full of madness brought the computer to our IT guy.

> What happened?
< I've erased ubuntu by mistake
> -.-

He told me to work on replacement which only had windows 10 on it. It's the worst day in my life!

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    sorry for your loss

    working on windows? yuck
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    Did you find out what the screws were for?
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    You are missing two flags for the removal to be correct though.
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    @BigBoo I believe that's distro dependent
    I'm not going to test though
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    @njpugh90 It doesn't matter if it is or not. He clearly states that the distro is Ubuntu. So it's no mystery.
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    @BigBoo @njpugh90 This exactly what I typed and it worked as I said, too bad for me. On my home Gentoo setup any command like "rm -R /" wont execute no matter what privileges you have.

    @platypus Nope, they had nothing to do with monitors though.
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    @BigBoo i guess we'll never truly know the truth... *X-Files music starts playing*
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    By the way, changing owner /permissions on everything from / is just as bad.
    Speaking as someone that had to fix the problem, luckily we had an identical system we could copy the permissions over from
    They're both dead now
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