This shit just happened in WhatsApp, while I was talking with a designer about a buggy WordPress instalation he did and I was cleaning and re-uploading.

Take into account that between each messages there's a 30~40 second gap, which should've been enough for the guy there to read this.

- So, wait a moment, I'm installing everything here. Don't access the URL or folder directly, wait for me to finish things up on the server...
- Dude, I just accessed the URL and had this thing here *shows screenshot*, do I proceed?
- NO, please, wait for me to finish...
- I just put some of the database info you sent me yesterday...
- NO! I said DO NOT ACCESS the folder or URL. I'm still sending files, things WILL get messed up. JUST WAIT!
- I've installed everything here, but had an error, do you know what it is?
- 🤯☠️💩💉⚡💣💢!!!

I need some medicine, for the heart.

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