So my father put my name in a camp in their company that's for employees children that is going to teach "technical" stuff. Soo i was like k might be good. Saw the email... Mekrowsaft affice 😐... I don't use that.. or even windows for that matter. Dafuq am I gonna do 5 hours for the next 3 days.

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    You can draw shapes in MS Word lol
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    You ever tried the power of vlookup in Excel? Its like table joins using only small functions.

    Guys we heard you like to analyze data! Here is the greatest tool “Pivot Table”
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    You like to code? No problem .. we have frontpage 2003 .. its not supported anymore but you can code and preview your code at same time.
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    Use VBA from within Word/Excel
    You can do some pretty cool stuff with it actually.
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    Setup portableapps on a USB using wine
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