Y'all bow to me I'm famous on github

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    I'm just joking, but I'm actually so fucking happy about this lol. I wouldn't need anti-depressants if I just got a star on github every day.
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    Wait?! Is this real?
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    @kenogo not to make you sad, but there are plenty of other scripts that does the same thing
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    @kenogo sure I'll follow! Wynaut!

    @CozyPlanes there's nothing wrong with remaking things. So many times I've not written anything cause I kept thinking "everyone's made everything already. What can I make that's new?"
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    That's alot of dopamine 💦😍
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    @deadPix3l I agree, just because it's been done, doesn't mean to not do it again, customise it, add new different features, different gui or whatever! Sometimes thinking of idea that haven't been done is just too irritating
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    thats what I searched for recently! Imma give you this star too
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    You deserve my 🌟
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