Have you ever been a victim of office politics?

What's your story? Here's mine:

I am being singled out because I am the only team member of different caste/religion as compared to others in my team.

Hence, I am being abused mentally and overloaded with work while others enjoy gala time.

I cannot raise my voice because I am the junior most in my team and cannot break the hierarchy to talk to VP about this issue.

However, I am considering doing it soon once the lay off air settles down a bit.

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    Abide your own fuck off politics. If it's not your work to do; don't.
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    If you have to do the work of others, they better talk to the manager to appropriately shift the salary as well. If not, they can do their own work and kindly fuck off.. at least that's what I'd say to my (currently nonexistent) coworkers :)
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    I guess your best bet would be to get off that ship before you catch the plague, but I'm sure you've already thought about it and chose to not do it for good reasons.
    I'm wondering : why did they hire you in the first place, if it was to put you aside ? I don't think that, should I hire someone based on looks, religion or other irrelevant criterias, I'd hire someone who doesn't comply to my subjective standards.
    What would happen if you did bad/not enough work, because of overload ? Do you think they would think a bit about that workload, punish you, or just let it go ?

    @Artemix I don't know shit about Indian laws, but knowing that indian society is still based a lot on castes, I wouldn't bet on the illegality of such practices (even less on the fact that, would there be laws against them, these would be enforced).
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    @xewl I wish I could do that. I am powerless in front of authority.

    @Condor Easier said than done.

    @Artemix There are now such laws here. Rather the other way around here, law supports, favours and is based on caste.

    @Brosyl I am trying really hard to get off this ship. I was planning to talk to my manager's manager's manager (VP), but he doesn't seem to be an approachable person which makes it even more difficult for me to move to another project.
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    Most corporates, at least the ones my friends and I work in, take this sort of discrimination very seriously and would offer an internal mobility as the immediate solution before dealing with your manager. But they wouldn't know what you're facing if you don't speak. So I would suggest you speak to Human Resources or go up the chain of command asap.

    That being said, you know your workplace best and should take the right call and I trust you will. Just my 2 cents on this situation.
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    @drGreat5 Thanks. I will try my best.
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    @Floydian Politics are strictly not allowed in devRant.

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    @CozyPlanes HAHAHAHAHA good one.
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    @Artemix let's be accurate here, the law does support @Floydian and is perfectly fine, but it would take a ton of effort, money, and time to push something so trivial through the courts unless it escalates. Also, the judicial process may be just a lil' bit off-centre, true.

    Okay, this is as far as I'll go, I initially typed a huge comment but this is devRant not a political forum lol
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    Move to the UK! You will always face this kind of shit in India.
    Apply to relevant companies with tier 2 visa sponsorship. Get your shit together. Heres a list of companies that are able to sponsor. You’ll likely need to do some more research but it’s all possible, stay clear of London, it’s impossible to live there. Manchester, Leeds, etc. good places to work. Build yourself a better future, only you can.

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    @Floydian This is incredibly appalling!! l'm sure you are well aware of our rights in this country. Nobody and I say nobody can or should discriminate anyone based on the caste or religion.

    If you are in fact being mistreated, give those stupid cunts a warning shot. Tell them how you feel about all of this and fucking sue them if they still keep doing it.
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    @Floydian I feel you should change ocean not ship - another country, this whole caste thing is absolutely belittling and ancient.
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    @helloworld Manchester 😰
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    @rutee07 really? @Floydian in that case stay at your current company, we need more of @rutee07 here 🙃
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    @RememberMe True. Laws don't work here.

    @helloworld Man I love UK and am a Anglophile. I wish I could move to UK and do great stuff there.

    @1989 True. I am trying to switch role and try some external gigs. Give a punch to my manager

    @JoshBent Though I don't have an evidence of such act, but indirectly I am attacked for being a junior and/or belong to a different caste. Politics doesn't have any evidence.

    @rutee07 You?

    @Condor Don't be happy at my misery :'(
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    @Floydian it was a sarcastic comment :') anyway, hang in there bro!
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    @Floydian I don’t think what you describe is called office politics. OP is when projects/strategies are decided not entirely on merits, but rather on who likes who or what serves someones career better.
    Your example is a simple case of discrimination. Gather evidence and strike back, or sit silently doing your tasks. In both cases, you will have to change your job.
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    @matste well what you mentioned also happens constantly. Hint: check my previous posts.
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