Hey hackers, what's your best advice on getting through difficult classes?

I'm really struggling with final exams right now, especially calculus. Actually sitting down to study and put in the work is no problem, but I just can't seem to get any of the material or do any of the assignments by myself. Then I'll look up the solution, understand why these steps lead to the correct result, but have no idea how you'd even think of them when you don't already know the result you need to get to.

It's really frustrating and giving me massive anxiety because it just seems hopeless and I feel like I'm never going to understand any of it and be able to pass my exams. Any tips or advice?

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    Drop out and start doing something useful
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    @sharktits I'm already working full time during my semester breaks. (in fact, my employer is paying me to go to college and get my degree.) So not really an option here :(
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    I don't consider myself very good at math. However I passed calculus with a good score doing tons of exercises. After the 100th integral it becomes something mechanic. Now I'm a happy web developer. I never used advanced math in my job.
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    I'm not good at maths either. I failed it even at the first attempt. I've got another student to explain things to me that helped a bit. One just has to keep at it and at some point after enogh exercises you will just develop an intuition on what to do.
    Tbh. I passed the exams and everything but I still cannot mathematically proof anything for the life of me... I am trying to work on this though.
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    I only know high school calculus .. got lucky and didn’t need to take it in University.

    But as far as I remember its all about formulas. If you remember them all and know when to you use them, you are all set.

    You will know which formula to use from the information provided in the question. So, you need to understand the question first .. see what informations it gives you and what is required to calculate. This will help you to use the correct formula.
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    @0xBE5A that sounds like a typical case of not understanding the basics properly. You may want to go to Khan Academy or some such site and ensure that you rigourously understand why everything is done the way it's done. This is a long-term fix though (highly recommended, maths really does help you).

    If you're time constrained then yeah, there's no substitute for just solving as many questions as possible. Just keep at it. Get a friend who's more comfortable with this stuff to help you with it. Make lists of questions you have difficulty solving and go over them over and over. That sort of stuff.
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