"Apples or oranges, what do you think?"

You should fuck off, that's what I think. And please take all these morons with you who actually answer your stupid question, even feeling clever about it.

Fucking idiots.

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    My current boss does this. Then nothing happens, even if I answer. Why does he even ask? 🙄
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    Why would you ask people what you should do regarding *anything* at all when:

    a) they don't know you personally
    b) they're oblivious of the context

    Because you're a moron and automatically assumed everybody knows, that's why.

    Fucking hell, questions like these should be flaggable as 'idiotic', directly combined with a batch functionality that puts everybody who answers these on your ignore list (if devRant had one).
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    The answer is always banana.
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    @bittersweet pretty sure the answer is always: '42'
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    Agreed. A question or link without context is meaningless and a waste of time for everyone who would even liked to help.

    If you can spend 15 seconds posting a question/link, why don't you spend 20 more to explain at least why you did it.
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    @bittersweet This answer still speak for more advanced cognitive skills of the responder than the question does of the requester.
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    The answer to that question should always be an explanation of what you usually think about. Because that specific question doesn't ask what option would you choose, but *what do you think.*

    So write a thorough reply about what topics you usually think of in your everyday life and elaborate extensively on them. Then send a big ass wall of text, which should take you dozens of minutes, to your boss.

    Then, when your boss asks why you're wasting time writing and sending crap over the email, just tell him: “Well, you asked, so…”
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    It's a thing job interviewers do here aswel now, they'll ask a question like "do you prefer football or mountain biking". Their goal? Seeing if you're a team player (football) or flying solo (mountain biking) and it's the most fucking retarded thing ever. I thought it was a hoax until an interviewer asked me that exact question
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    — Do you prefer football or mountain biking?

    — None. I prefer sitting at my computer and writing awesome code.

    — Welcome to the team.
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    I fucking hate stupid people.

    I deal with them so often and I have to dumb down my language so fucking much when talking to them that I barely know how to communicate intelligently anymore.

    I just visited one of my friends, and talking with her always makes me acutely aware of just how limited my vocabulary has become. I start explaining something to her, and within a couple of sentences she understands and summarizes it perfectly with a couple of words. With others I'd be trundling on for paragraphs more hoping I'd finally convey my point. But (sadly) that's my normal, now; my vocabulary has shrunk so much from dealing with these idiots.

    Fucking illiterate morons boasting an apparent 3rd grade education. Many of these genetic dead-ends graduated from college, too, which says wonders about our education system, and the future of humanity.

    I pray for that asteroid.
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    Question them back "why do you exist?".
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    @theKarlisK Are you implying that the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything is: "Apples or oranges, what do you think?"
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