I don't really find any use of css framework for a website. One can primary use vanilla CSS for coloring buttons, navbar, responsiveness, etc. What do u guys think?
Tbh, I've only used bootstrap and didn't find any special thing about it.

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    Useful for backend people that can’t do a lot of css, or people who just want to get jobs done quickly and dirty

    I didn’t really them either, since I focused on learning front-end works
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    Not needed, but they take a lot of the boilerplate out of the project.
    They are great for devs who deal 90% of the their time with backend and not front end.

    But I have worked with some backend devs who probably shouldn’t be doing front end anyway even with bootstrap 😔

    If you have a small project and can keep the vanilla css usable and don’t get too specific with your styling then you probably don’t need a framework, but if it’s a large project with multiple devs working on it, it’s an easy way to control style guides.
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    I created my own CSS framework that's basically vanilla CSS but you can use "this" keyword which refers to the component (virtual Dom element) you are rendering. I'm using it in Vue.js because otherwise Vue only supports styling elements in components with the element style attribute which doesn't work for psudo elements as well as multiple element styling using broad selectors.

    I think that's one of the main thing CSS is missing. I love being able to do:

    this > tr:not(selected) or this:before {} etc.

    I should mention that this also is in JS so I can use variables etc mixed right into the CSS and the CSS is rebuilt any time a variable changes. Works really well.
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    I like the utilities and grid they have. But of course, you could only get what you need and build your own.

    I think it's useful to learn at least the 3 most popular, though. Especially if your job includes maintenance for different front end projects.
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    @nanl what is the main 3 popular?
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    @devTea between my clients, the most required are 1) bootstrap, 2) Foundation and 3) Bulma
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    But if you don't use Bootstrap, then your site will probably not look like "every fucking Bootstrap website" http://adventurega.me/bootstrap/ , and that's not "professional".
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    @Fast-Nop too many negatives sir
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    @devTea Okok.. the other way around: but hey, use Bootstrap, then your site will probably look like "every fucking Bootstrap website" http://adventurega.me/bootstrap/ , and that's "professional".
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