I feel sad.

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    Exercise to boost your confidence.

    Go out. Anywhere you can divert your mind. If you are not an introvert then surround yourself with crowd.

    Eat/Drink/Sleep well.

    Meditate. I bet you to underestimate the power of mindfulness.

    Do something new. Anything. It can even be a new way to shit.

    Check your vitamin B12/D3 levels. Those buggers cause a lot of sadness, anxiety and depression.

    Cut off your screen time. Trust me, internet has more downside than up.

    Cheer the fuck up man! You will pass. Good times or bad.

    Was just going through a thread and will share it with you. Hope you enjoy.

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    Stop being sad and be awesome instead.
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    @ethernetzero I thought I was pretty awesome. But then my ex left, and now I feel like putting a bullet in my head. 😂
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