Followup on LinkHub collab (https://devrant.com/collabs/...)

@RantSomeWhere is helping me with LinkHub project and we have added quite a few links and are trying to organise it.

We need contributors:
- Volunteers who can share links to interesting blogs, content, tools and other things they found on internet.

- Volunteers who can help us with categorisation of the links.

- Volunteers who can help us with moderation and quality control.

Hit me up on discord (Floydian#9547) or comments below, if you are interested.

Repository: https://gitlab.com/_Floydian/...

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    Note to self: push some interesting YouTube channels later.. and don't forget about it!!
    Feel free to remind me about it if I do 😅
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    So I've to give reapplication or what? 😅
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    @const Depends how actively you want to contribute.

    @Condor Please share your resources. However, they will be published after moderation.
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    @Condor *reminder service brought to you by devrant*
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    Dont we want a real site for it? It can be even one of these gitlab pages things. With a form that uses the api of gitlab to make new issues, reads from it etc?
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    @Codex404 that would be great, I don't think too many people will really find it on gitlab
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    Hit me up if thou want some research and robotics and lisp related stuff.
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    @Codex404 we are in very early stage structuring everything.

    Visit the repo. You will see two reference images. We will build the site according to that.

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    @hasu sure. Send me the links.
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    Probably no commits for me today :') my laptop (which is my main dev environment) is still fucked (rootfs USB stick detached from an unstable USB connection due to a tug from a wire on my desk I think), and my GPG key still needs to be taken care of for compatibility with GitLab.. and my alcohol factor already went way past my Ballmer peak, and even past the Win2k peak perhaps.. eh, just sleep and a reminder for me to take care of this later on I guess :')
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    @Condor *reminder* hahaha
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    @Floydian Are you by any chance using a graphical Markdown editor? The source file seems to be rather inconsistent in terms of formatting.
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    @Condor doing it online as of now and it's completely unstructured.

    The plan is to first collate all the content. Using the .MD right now for that.

    Then categorise them.

    Then publish it on a static website.

    The define rules for public submission.
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    @Floydian Aha, cool. I'll try to clean it up a little bit later on. Just added some 50 YouTube channels to my local repo, will commit and PR later when my PGP key issue (to sign commits) is fixed.
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    @Condor sure. Thanks for helping.
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