macOS is to Operating Systems as PHP is the Programming. Both suck but are much easier to use than solving the actual problem.

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    Sounds like a load of bullshit with that last sentence, care to elaborate why PHP/macOS would be "not solving the problem"?
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    I think PHP gets unfairly judged because of the slop people make with it for WordPress.

    I think MacOS gets unfairly judged because of the walled garden to which it is attached.
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    @JoshBent macOS hides the hard parts of the OS away preventing people from learning. PHP well it’s something special 🤣
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    @lunorian technology came a long way to be able to abstract away as much of the advanced hardware and software as possible, in programming languages, operating systems, devices, pretty much everywhere, apple took it one step further to make it even easier and more eye catching for their customers, nothing wrong with that and by your explanation about PHP I assume you have absolutely no knowledge about anything you're talking about and this is just a cheap ++ copy pasta, well done, you have researched the market and tried your luck at firing off another PHP meme.
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    @JoshBent You caught me. Can’t we just make fun of both things at once? Just for giggles?
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    @lunorian it's absolutely boring how people just throw random keywords together and then also tag it as a rant, I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt that your intention was actually meant as a joke, but then again - the wrong tag and you not knowing anything about what you just spilled out, makes it just smell wrong.

    Try to spark interesting discussions, participate in the community, share interesting resources, anything instead of randomly throwing shit at people and hope it sticks.
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    I'd personally say fuck macos for being closed source and I program nearly everything in php and love the language.
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    @linuxxx Isn't PHP closed source too? I have to install using an apt package. Where is the source code?
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    @lunorian You can compile it if you want haha; https://github.com/php/php-src
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    If it's available through a package manager, it's far MORE likely to be open source than not.
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