"mycoolusername@gmail.com. IS that correct?"

"No it is MyCoolUsername@Gmail.com"


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    M matters 😂
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    The local part is allowed to be case-sensitive. It just almost always isn't.
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    Even the domain part has to be capitalized? 😆

    In that case, a good way of lightly trolling that person would be to end up using this address:


    And let that person wondering why the message reached the inbox when the address is totally different. Turns out Gmail ignores all dots in the user part.
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    @ethernetzero I came here to say that.
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    @sylar182 It comes in handy when you need to re-register somewhere with a “different” email address. 😄

    You can also add a subaddress part to it and it still works:

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    @ethernetzero the subaddress is my favorite to use when I sign up so I can track who is selling or losing my data. But I'm noticing more and more services blocking the "+"
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    @sylar182 Yeah, sometimes it catches me off guard and I get a bit pissed off about it, especially when the error message says that my email address is not valid.

    How dare you? *Your regex* is not valid!
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    No running in the halls. Detention for you
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    I thought of a really good vine when I read that
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    I never knew about that.
    I aways assumed it is case sensitive.

    (and everybody who asked me for my email told me to check the size of the letters as well...)
    (i know i shouldnt belive idiots...)
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    Punctuation is so wrong ???
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    @shaji it's not wrong, it's just non existent
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    @LastDigitOfPi username checks out
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    @growling When you will learn?
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