I applied for this job before I went looking at the company website.

Holy shit they have the worst portfolio ever. Idk how they even get customers.

The sites they've built look like a 2 year old built them! I'm serious it is bad.

Plus, there is functionality and formatting errors on just about every site they have in their portfolio!

They are now trying to get me in for an interview.

Trying to figure out a way to tell them there work really is below par and I wouldn't leave my current position with a stable company to go to a place where I don't even know how they stay in business.

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    Just tell them how you think about them in a very direct way without swearing tho :)
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    Not like "you ain't shied", but more like "you are way too incompetent..." and stuff like that.
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    Tell them exactly what you told us.
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    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- Haha I'd more phrase it like "I'm looking for a team which challenges my skills and motivates me to improve myself, and I feel like the projects you offer do not fulfill my ambition to move forward with my career". But "You guys suck and don't deserve to spread your filth onto the web" could also work.

    Polite positivity often leads to better opportunities though.
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    If you guys want a good laugh


    Look at http://brianstoys.com

    It looks like a few of the sites they have listed in their portfolio have been rebuilt by someone else as well.
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    @bittersweet lmfao the second version is GREAT! HAHAHA
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    Moral of the story is -- Always go to company site first before applying.

    Never blindly apply to any position that pops up in your feed.
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    "Oh, Brian... you naughty boy"
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    @Bitwise very true. Looking at the company's website before applying, but also asking around on the web and looking for their ex workers' and clients' reviews.
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    @Bitwise Super weird... There are some pretty good looking ones, and then a bunch of eye cancer sites. It's almost like the designer was in a coma for a while.
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    I'd say they specialise in overloaded bling-bling and suffer from a gaping competence hole in terms of design for usability. The toys website would be nice for a demo, but sucks as real website.
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    It looks to me like possibly the clients went somewhere else and had their sites redone, at least with the site hailmary.com that seems to be true, because it is like black and white what they show as a screenshot and what the site actually is.

    Then there is this gem, they have jkchocolates.com on there portfolio, then when you go to the site you see this at bottom

    Website Design & Development by Kacy Lane Designs

    Which tells me, I think it was at least completed somewhere else.
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    Pretty sure it is a fly-by-night Magento Firm that cons clients into signing with them and bilks them for as much money as possible up front then clients get pissed off and leave after spending 10's of thousands of dollars with them.

    There are amazingly a lot of these firms around in ecommerce business.
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    I have seen worst

    I will look for them and post them later

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    A job is a job, you can always continue the hunt or embrace the challenge to address and maybe fix these issues
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    But then this is just wordpress crap hahahaha ...

    I quoteth:Project Overview Charming Chick is a leading retailer of jewelry, Pearl Pendant, gifts, and accessories that offers a variety of products...

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    They build Magento sites not Wordpress, but still, it is shiite work.
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    Same shit different framework
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    Its like cutting a few dollars and then have to support the shit you unleashed till infinity...

    I stay away from DAT shitte
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    @karma that's karma.
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    @Fast-Nop recursion yes pls!!
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    Work for them and improve their products. JobSecurity++;
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    Last time I was applying for work I was contacted by a recruiter for a similar company, checked their site and on one page they had white text on a background that was white in places. Made it unreadable. Took a more interesting job with much lower salary.
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    @Bitwise "http" for their website is already a red flag, but http for a client's website and shop? don't even talk to them, you might catch something.
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    @Bitwise Actually, it seems all screenshots on their portfolio are from 2015 - or older actually.
    For example - look at what web.archive.org shows for jkchocolate in 2015: https://web.archive.org/web/...
    So Jk Chocolate has actually moved on and done a redisgn since 2015 - good for them!

    The same goes for BriansToys - if you look at the date of the portfolio page - it says September 26th, 2015 (https://creatuity.com/2015/09/...)
    Brian on the other hand, hasn't moved on since 2015 - he's still ancient...

    So the real question is rather - have they done anything new since 2015?
    And - why on earth don't they display that online?
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