Its possible that this or the next build of Lineage15.1 will finally boot on my Nypon.
If it doesnt then at least most of the shit is fixed and what comes next will be pretty quick i hope.
If it does then im gonna have looooot of fun on XDA and Telegram with people. Because they have no clue im almost done with 8.1 Ohhhhh yes im terrible person for not telling them but i dont want to get their hopes high if i fail somehow.

Im gonna be like */Takes picture of the tasty oreo coockie/* They are gonna tell me thats nice and wont beleive me. Then im just gonna post a link and tell them to test it without telling them what it is and renaming it to 13.0 just for fun. Then they boot it and find out that its oreo. MUHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA. Its kind of nice.

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