People who ask about something and react to your answer like "God, why are you so obsessed with it? No need to explain all that to me!" are the best.

Don't fucking ask me in the first place if you only expect an answer like those of your usual stupid friends who only talk about TV shows with you.

I hate it so much when they ask you something interesting for once and in the end, you are treated like the one who started to talk about it in the first place once they realize they are missing the knowledge to talk about it. Missing knowledge is not a reason to feel offended. Just do what everyone did to get there - ask questions and don't get shitty when you get an answer.

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    They don't even want to improve because they think that they're more than good enough already.

    On top of that, some ask such "fake" questions only to criticise and then bring the conversation back about themselves. Gotta find a way when you have nothing worth, eh.

    Not much you can do but ignore those uninteresting people, unfortunately.
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    Whenever someone does that to me, I just tell them exactly what your second paragraph says.
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    So what did you have for breakfast? :3
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    @cursee Bugs. What about you?
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    @cursee I didn't have breakfast yet :3
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    @Alice why not? it is almost noon there :O
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  • 2
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    @cursee because I fell asleep late.
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    I can relate to this. Don't ask the question if you act like you don't even want to hear the answer
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    @DefiniteGoose Well, I sure would ask lots of questions to a goose that can talk.
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    @Jilano @DefiniteGoose

    Like which is first, egg or goose? 👀
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    @Alice first off I wish I could give you +5 or something instead of ++.
    I think you mean they are the worst not best.

    There are so many occasions where when someone asks me something and I start to answer the entire conversion just drops dead. It's annoying as shit. Just make a few assumptions at least and ask if you are correct or something.

    Most annoying of all are tips/advice requests over message apps. As soon as you ask a single question about the situation or give an intelligible response with two options they are to lazy to respond. Why the fuck ask? Is it a means socialize or something?
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    @hjk101 yeah, I mean worst. But I wrote best on purpose 🙂
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    Well, it's a good indicator of which people to purge from the contacts I guess 🙃 but yeah those kinds of ignorant and uninterested people are the worst. They can't prove that they aren't idiots like that 😒
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    @Jilano My parents taught me this. Very grateful. Also, I have teeth

    @cursee The goose of course. I was first and it will always be that way
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    @Alice in that case, you are the absolute worst 😘
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    The worst is when someone asks me something, I know the answer, tell them, they say "i don't think that's right", google it, see i'm right, say "well i just wanted to double check to make sure you were right".

    Like fuck off and go google it instead of wasting my time jesus christ.
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    Next time just send them a straight lmgtfy.com link or tell them to "google it" and if they say its too hard to find you simple answer: so you won't understand my explanation either.

    And fuck them right in the ass with a figurative log :)
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    @Alice This happens to me too.

    Some people just want short answers, they don't want to 'understand' a thing, just quick fixes. I hate such incidents.

    To have peace of mind I either avoid or give em exactly what they want
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    @hell why not with a literal one
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