What do you guys think about dotnet core? I personally like it. I don't like windows but having a cross platform framework is cool. I tried doing some development with dotnet core and really liked it but I didn't find good libraries for it. So what are your opinions on it? I think its really good but it needs time to get some good libraries 😄

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    Which libraries were you looking for?
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    @platypus gui libraries. I saw some but they weren't yet stable.
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    @sshehriyar adminlte? Telerik?

    Also I’ve been using asp so .net core is a huge upgrade for me. It runs on linux means lots of web hosting could run this. Heck there is even a free one so you could do cool school project
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    @devTea the gui libraries are cross platform too right? If they are I might consider using dotnet core more than python because to me dotnet core is much more easier(like python) and if the gui libraries are also cross platform then that's a huge win-win for me 😄
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    @sshehriyar adminlte is just css and js template, while telerik has programming language dependant I think, you can ser it at their website
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    @devTea will do. Thanks 😊
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    @Torbuntu it runs on linux and vscode could be used for that afaik
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    @sshehriyar They are bringing GUI (desktop) libraries in 3.0, but, AFAIK, they are going to be Windows only. However, sounded like they might be harbouring ambitions to do something cross-platform.

    Of course, the GitHub acquisition brings them Electron, so maybe that'll factor.
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    I'm not sure I'd start down the .NET Core path just now if I didn't already have a .NET investment. I think it's makes more sense if you have been developing for WIndows Server, but want to move to running on Linux.
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    @platypus yes. I'll stick with python.
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    @platypus And thus the challenge. .NET was designed for Windows, so apart from what Mono has managed to get done there isn't much support for cross-platform stuff yet. Given time that might change, but it might take more time than anyone would really like.
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    @powerfulparadox Depends what you are looking to do. I'm currently creating a Web API REST service with OpenAPI and command line admin tooling. Running it on Linux VMs on AWS. Works a treat.
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    .net core is solid. i see a lot of python hipsters on here claiming they prefer py. i have to disagree. while python does do pseudo asynchronous stuff, .net's built in async/await features are super easy to use, which is a huge plus for me.

    the biggest pro in .net core's corner for me is that it is much more versatile than python. python is great if you want to build a back end service, but .net core can do everything from mobile to web to APIs. it improved massively from 1.0 to 2.0, and experts expect even better stuff from 3.0.

    .net core does automatic and manual garbage cleanup pretty well, the CLR is pretty fast nowadays, .NETs base classes are solid, AND despite what some people up there have said, Visual Studio is one of, if not THE best IDE out there right now.

    and yes, you can write .NET Core code in Visual Studio Code - i built an entire API in it and the experience was fantastic.
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    sorry i missed the part where i argued that dotnet core file size and c# readability make it nice to have.

    you see in my post i actually made comparisons between the two (even though you're right it is not an apples to apples comparison)

    also do you have any reasons for why VS is complete dogshit or are you just going to be another idiot on the internet spewing opinions with no reasons to back them up. not having the skillset to utilize all the functionality of VS doesn't make it dogshit. i get a lot of utility out of the features VS brings like nuget (EntityFramework, Newtonsoft, etc.), pm console (DB migrations), snippets, intellisense, etc.

    and vs code is unparalleled if you want a lightweight IDE.

    i knew this guy once that wrote C++ code in Notepad++ with no plugins, no intellisense, no syntax highlighting etc. some people were really impressed by that and the guy was a pretty good dev, but.. just.. why?
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