So turns out we are moving tomorrow.

Apartments are trying to charge us 2 months rent because we paid last month but they lost it. How the onus is on us to pay it again is beyond me.

Fuck this place. And their illegal, ghetto, bullshit.

I hate moving. But it has to be done. Put it off long enough.

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    Found a new place or temporarily at a hotel?
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    Wtf their brain cells must be dead, did you pay them?
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    temporary hotel.
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    No we are not paying this month or last month, which is why we are moving immediately.

    Well, we did pay last month, they lost it, (said the office got broken into)
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    @Bitwise hope you find one soon 🍀
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    With their thought process, I could pay this month and last month's again and what's to stop them from pulling this shit again? Oh we lost it, too bad, pay again.

    I've called lawyers, but you know how many lawyers there are that take residential cases against a landlord I can find? None. They all advertise to be lawyers for landlords.
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    @Bitwise What about contacting the bank?
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    Yes the payment is in the contested stage right now.
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    @Bitwise Okay, that's a start. I hope all of this will quickly get sorted out.

    Good luck!
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    So, did you make your check payable to, "office burglar?" If not, I fail to see how it's relevant that someone broke into their office. They have an extremely thin case. You would wipe the floor with them in small claims court. If I were you, and if this is in the US, then that's what I would definitely do.
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    yeah, small claims seems my only viable option at this point, once we are moved and settled in a different place I will file it.
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    Well, that's why receipts exist in the first place. I always pay my rents thought bank and clarify the month, house number and myname, so they can't fuck up anything and it prevents the exact thing you are talking about.

    If you have a concrete proof, it seems you do, don't even bother with them, open a case and accuse them for violating the contract. You might not need a lawyer, depending on the country.

    Their office got robbed, any outside interference, earth splitting in two,
    ISS falling to their office, landlords mother turning to dragon, burning your money is outside of your given fucks.
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    yeah, my wife pays the rent with a check and I always tell her to get a printed receipt and they always give her some note paper that says paid with signature and date and tell her that is what they give out.

    This has been going on over a year since we've been here and our rent is always different every month, they tell us we didn't pay this, we didn't pay that, and I am always fighting with them, and I call them the moment rent is due and get the exact amount due and pay it, then the next month they add like $60 saying water wasn't paid the month before, it has been nuts.

    But we've been lazy and really didn't want to pack, we've been wanting to move since the month we moved in a year and a half ago.

    So this is the straw that broke my lazy camel back.
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    @Bitwise They can't do that if you have a solid rent contract. Do you live on a house which bills is covered by landlord unless you use more than a certain limit ?

    Written receipt can be invalid sometimes, since it has requirements. Invalid receipt = rent not paid. Always use a bank.
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    From the landlord perspective:

    Almost every time someone moves they 'forget' to pay the last month or two, and it happens almost every time.

    If they lost it somehow that is certainly on them. Do you drop rent off somewhere or hand it to them physically? If it is dropped of then someone might have stolen it (again on the lanlord) but it could be an honest mistake.
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    @Bitwise if you per chance live in thr netherlands and need help with moving, just msg me. I would love to help against dickheads like that any way I can!
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    I don't live in Nederlands but thanks for the offer.

    All is fine, we have been needing to get out of here for a while.

    I have just been really lazy, so this fixed that.
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    We handed it to the apartment manager.

    There receipts are shit and not real receipts.

    This apartment complex is in the ghetto of the city I live in and is just a crooked crime ridden trashy place.

    We've been needing to move for a while, just laziness has gotten best of me.

    So with all this it finally pushed me to be un lazy.

    I will deal with all the legal stuff after we are out of here.
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    Coincidentally I have a similar issue with unpaid rent where the person who's managing my savings (thanks mother for assigning one because "I clearly can't handle money myself" and thereby impeding my own fucking progress!) where the guy claims to have paid the rent but the finances became a soup there so some things couldn't be paid where others could.. the rent has always been paid apparently. But according to the landlord it hasn't been paid since June. And I hear that shit from my home supervisor just a few days ago, faced with stuff I didn't know about and let alone do anything about. At least my landlord understands the position that I'm in.. but seriously, fuck shit like this. If I really have to manage everything myself, just let me fucking do it already! Hell, I'd probably be able to just automate it and my server wouldn't take commissions from my fucking capital, unlike that fucking lawyer who does the money management and apparently can't even do it properly!!!

    … I got a bit carried away. Probably this deserves its own rant. But issues with landlords and rent.. finances, and shit about unfinished payments really infuriates me these days. I don't want to be kicked out of this apartment just because some senile fuck acting like a proxy couldn't do their fucking job, or my landlord who couldn't do the accounting right!

    FML I guess ._.
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