Fuck nintendo, ea, ubisoft and all other famous game software house

nintendo closed emuparadise because the roms were illegal...

no nintendo you're trying to earn more money with old games (80's and 90's) because like any other software house you can't make decent games...

for example:

- the last zelda was dark soul with legend of zelda skin
- super mario odyssey was super mario in the city... seriously?!

jesus fuck entertainment companies now they are only entertainment banks

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    wow i follow ur point about the old roms and remarketting, sucks and they should be faceslapped for that... but nintendo made very good games man, in fact, one of the few that really knows where the fun of gameplay should be
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    They make great games for example Bravely Default on the Nintendo 3DS.
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    i can get to emuparadise =/
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    @zlice try downloading some roms... Most are 'unavailable'
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    @dufferz ah. stupid. pretty sure it's illegal to block them. no way to verify you own the game like that.
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    I remember reading an article on how Nintendo downloaded and re-sold pirated copy of their own game.. https://qz.com/889786/...
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    I love Mario Odyssey and Zelda Botw :(
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