This new "code of conduct" ignores the larger problem on StackOverflow. Beginner programmers just aren't welcome. When I first started programming my questions were downvoted and deleted. Overtime I became a better programmer and I know how to write detailed questions. They are no longer downvoted, but they are not upvoted either. You have to be practically an expert for your question or answer to get upvoted and at that point you don't really need StackOverflow or Google...

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    Beginner material is already well documented, the problem is lazy people are abusing SO to get spoon-fed
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    @beegC0de Lazyness doesn't fit with writing detailed questions. I don't write questions at SO because I'm too lazy, and if SO doesn't have the answer, some other page probably has. Googling takes less effort than writing a meaningful question.

    And if googling fails, I still wouldn't write a question at SO because it means that the question is hard. The fucktards at SO would downvote it and find some stupid pretext to close it off.
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    Expert level problems require expert level questions.
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