I just swiped away/disliked about a hundred girls on tinder, and probably more than double that of guys unless than about 10 minutes.

Jesus, what the fuck. Why do I find 98% of people so fucking detestable these days? Can I not find 1 attractive, decent person worthy of a like?

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    I'm really tempted to start a tinder account.

    But it is highly likely that only girls i find in my city woild prostitutes or girls from some sex racket.
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    Remember that you also need to have something you like in yourself in order to see it in others.
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    I tried to install Tinder few days back and half way through installation cancelled it.

    I realized neither I am funny, good looking nor rich. So what's the point of installing.
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    @Fast-Nop Can't think of anything anymore.

    Looks? I've gained weight and spent 4 days a week for 5 years at the gym and no results.

    Money? I'm poor and without job.

    Personality? It's dead. I want to kill most of the world.

    I guess the one thing I do like about myself is that I have a penis. But that's not really an attribute that I'm looking for in a female.
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    @rEaL-jAsE lulz for the penis thing!

    But Tinder, just forget it. Stats are that on the internet, women by and large have lost contact to reality and think 80% of men are looking below average. Even if you are hotter than 80% of men, women still will only classify you as average. Reason is that the top 10% of men can fuck around like a katyusha rocket launcher truck, and once a girl has had one of them, if even for a weekend, she often will feel entitled to no less than that, totally failing to understand that she was only pump'n'dump material.

    Forget about Tinder unless you are among the hottest 10% of men or above at least $250k annual income - and be prepared for a divorce rape attack in the latter case.
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    @Fast-Nop Wow, suddenly I feel less shit. Thanks man. 😅
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    Well, this just sort of sums up why I have never been and likely never will be in a relationship. My personality is also as Jase stated "dead" and my dream for the future might as well be for most humans to die leaving the actual useful or intelligent ones.
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    Folks, it's completely OK to be just another regular guy like billions of others. You aren't special? The world doesn't worship the toilet you shit in? Eh yeah that's life, and you came here as little dumbass wrapped in slime, and if you're lucky, you'll die as sick old bastard, but the fucking time in-between is yours.

    The universe doesn't give a rat's ass, and there is no bloody meaning in life and you know why? It's because we are fucking free and condemned to GIVE it meaning, that's why you can't find it. Just like a painter can't find the picture because it's him who has to paint it in the first place, that's why the fucking canvas is blank.

    And that's why you've come here, and you're your own fucking own raw material because you're the creature and the creator at once, but you will have to create the one that you only will come to know in hindsight once you fucking are what yet has to come into being, and then you'll always have been it.

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    @rEaL-jAsE Don't know your story but you must be doing something pretty wrong to see no results after 5 years of gym 4 days a week. I have had slow results with 2 times per week even, and lost quite much weight when I started going 3 times per week steadily. There is nobody who can avoid getting results if they exercise and eat properly. If you are bored of weights, take on some martial art / boxing.
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    Jase, it's only because most people are trash.
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    @Fast-Nop You smoking the good stuff? That last paragraph didn't make a lick of sense 😂
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    I married before tinder was a thing, however I feel ppl today are way more boring than before
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    i'm surprised it lets you do that.
    some apps/sites (badoo, for example) take metrics which, if you reject too many people too fast, block you with a popup like "hey, we noticed you're going too fast, so we're just checking - are you a real person, or a bot?"

    which is actually pretty funny.
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    just to chime in on what @Fast-Nop wrote about the women's rating things, here's some real data talking about this stuff in more detail (from wayback machine, because, surprisingly, the article doesn't exist anymore, because I bet someone started to scream that it's "MISOGYNYYYYYY!!!!" =D


    and a visually much nicer and more striking graph of the same thing as a bonus
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    @kurast Yes that is true. People are so superficial and money-hungry these days - there's literally nothing else in them.
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    @Teabagging4Life I did try a few different things over the years after seeing no results after a few months of doing the same thing. I saw a couple personal trainers (which are actually not very good - the ones I found are all full of shit and I even test their knowledge on common-sense knowledge and they get it wrong everytime).

    I have hypoglycemia which doctors have not been able to treat. I found a way to stabilize my sugar levels without the doctors, and have since lost 20kg, but a couple of recent big stresses in my life have made my physical health really shit again, so I'm now back to square one, trying to get healthy again.
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    This is pretty much the reason why I would greatly prefer getting myself a Fleshlight. It may sound rather crude but I don't think that getting a girlfriend is any good for anything else than "real sex" and getting children with these days. Hah, women will definitely hate me for saying this, and saying it as my genuine thoughts about them. But that's the world that we live in these days. If women in a café whom you simply say hello to, reply with "if I was looking for a date (?) I would get on Tinder!" then they can really just go fuck themselves. Especially when they can't prove that they aren't idiots who post their tits on Instagram, geotag all their #Facebook posts and do shitty nametests. Stupid bitches.
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    @Condor if you're going to go this way, wait a year or two until they become a bit less creepy and get a sexdoll. the added tactile stimulation on the body, not just penis, makes a significant and pretty important difference.
    in short, the more wholesomely you fool your senses, the closer the psycho-physiological effects are to the real thing, with all of the endorphin and oxytocin releases and all that stuff.
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    @Condor also:
    "If i was looking for a date, i would go on tinder!"
    "Well, if I was looking for a bitch, i would start with 'how much?' and not hello. Goodbye."
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    @Condor Much love for having the balls to say that.
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    @rEaL-jAsE wine tends to help in some cases.. courage is one of them :3
    @Midnigh-shcode "If I was looking for a bitch, I would start with 'how much?' and not hello" That comeback!!! Definitely going to use that at some point XD
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    @rEaL-jAsE I see. Of course a health issue can be a great obstacle.
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    @Gogeta70 it does - because once you really are something, then memory will fade how it ever had been different.

    A way better depiction is in the Neverending Story (the book of course, not the movie).
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