I'm always dissatisfied and annoyed with how control panes/bars are usually handled in i3. i3bar and i3blocks suck, I've never build anything with it that didn't suck or wasn't a nightmare to maintain, but had everything I wanted. Polybar seems decent, but the amount of packages you need to install to build it from source annoyed me already. It's pretty configurable, though.

I have my WM set up nicely so far, named workspaces with Icons whose sequence is name agnostic; nice, minimal theming; programs I use the most are all dedicated to a specific workspace; spare workspaces for random stuff; shortcuts are set up; monitor setups are good; laptop specific controls are accounted for (battery state, screen brightness, etc.); and setting all that up was even mostly fun.

But getting the bar to behave the way I want is getting increasingly annoying. I feel I have to do it, though, for productivity's sake (particularly to eliminate distractions and needless repetition), and my peace of mind. I'm fucking obsessing over this, it doesn't feel healthy.

I wish I wasn't like that, but well. It's times like this when friends and family ask me to see a psychologist, because '[I] might be on the spectrum'.

I'm probably not. But I can't deny my obsessive nature. It's a sort of exhausting bliss that keeps me from sinking into another depressive phase for a while.


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    you can't say you have a nice minimal setup and don't even post a screenshot. this is not how this works 💩
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    @mrtn Yes, I can, because I don't consider it done as long as such an inportant feature is basically missing.
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    @AlexDeLarge i envy your self control and i can't understand your need to _have_ a bar at the same time.

    when i was annoyed with i3bar i just removed it and went bar-naked from there on.
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    @mrtn I'm the opposite of self-controlled. I have to have that bar, because I don't know how to do it properly, yet. As I said, it's an unhealthy obsession.
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    I really like i3 + the bar, but this is one of the reasons I only use it as a fallback right now.
    High configurability in combination with "not knowing what to do to get the expected result" can become so frustrating that I just want to torch everything and dance amidst the ashes. 😈

    (Needless to say, I never got a nice setup to work.)
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    Have you tried lemonbar? It's what I used for a while.
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    @xzvf Nope. Never even heard of it, I'll take a look.
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    Did you give a look at py3status?
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    @f7u12 Nope, didn't know that one either. Thanks!
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    @AlexDeLarge some good suggestions. Try bumblebee for bar as well.
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    This rant makes me sp glad I haven't tried I yet. I would spend weeks trying to make it just right, and I'd have exactly the same issue @AlexDeLarge has.

    I'm tenacious and determined, almost to a fault. I would fight with it until it worked, even if it took a month. or until I became so frustrated with it I'd pipe it into shred and/or write my own.
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    @Root So many autoincorrects. Sigh.
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