Well, I am bit late to the party, but we had good amount of questions asking people to share their different kinds of individual experiences.

How about weekly questions that inspire and initiate discussions within community?

Instead of we posting our experience(s) and waiting for karma, why not interact with fellow community members and learn something by sharing opinions and knowledge?

Topics can be anything, past inventions to latest trends. Age old business tech tycoon to what Linus said in his latest interview. Upcoming gadgets to opinions over Google I/O.

This was inspired by @SantaClauze's post (https://devrant.com/rants/1609300/...)

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    I was actually thinking about that when i formulated the question on your rant.

    To be honest i like the idea. We end up doing that anyways by hijacking other people's posts.

    Might as well make it something that is easily traceable.

    And the questions become inexhaustible as well.

    And once again,i downloaded devRant because i was learning and it greatly helped me with dev culture by reading what devs deteste or enjoy.

    Having discussions on certain topics would be great for learning. Especially if ita a field in which we are not experts.

    Thanks for the post @Floydian it made me feel important ;) hehe.
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    @Santaclauze you matter bro. Dev lives matter 😉
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    @Floydian meh, everybody matters. And feeling special is nice for sure, but in the end ee are all just “same same but different”. Except some few exceptions.
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