Update YouTube app ᕕ( ◕‿◕)ᕗ

Can't slide and close minimzed videos anymore!!!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)


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    The current design is pissing me off.

    Slide and close was the only good thing about the app.
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    You can download YouTube Vanced which is a modified version of the original YouTube app. It allows to switch to the old design (and it has a dark theme).
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    The first one was the only good one. There's a nice German word for that which I can't translate.

    Also, look into NewPipe.
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    @PrivateGER newpipe is bae.
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    @Floydian @bigus-dickus you slide the little tab that come when you slide down the video. Then you close it. I agree with the shit design, you can't use the back button to go back from the vids you watched.
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    Slide and close is still kinda there.
    It's just slide down + swipe down , instead of slide down swipe sideways. And one will get used to it eventually.
    The actual Devil is the BACK BUTTON.
    Accidentally click on some other thumbnail while watching a video 🙂You can't go back now 😑.
    Go to library,then find the video in watch history. 😑
    Now it would start from the beginning. ,Even the ad will play again 🙂.
    So watch the ad again, seek to the exact point you left it. >>10sec << 10sec. Ok finaly at the correct point.

    This is pure shit !
    I think it's because they want us to watch the ad again. 😑
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    @ceee Slide down + swipe down...

    What the actual fuck!!!!

    That worked. What shitty UX by Google.

    Fuckers didn't even have a on-boarding tutorial for that.
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    @Floydian yeah there should have been a tutorial.
    I randomly tried swiping everywhere in frustration and had a Eureka moment 🤣
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    You must join as a tester.
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    Fuck man. I was wondering why I was pressing back button on the video while it wasn't going back to previous video. Fuck. Now I know why. It was an old habit. I almost forgot there used be a back feature.

    Why the fuck google wants to break my habit loop. 👿
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    And minimized video overlapped by bottom navigation bar (on my device)
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    @PrivateGER it's almost every app that's gets verschlimmbessert with updates... Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp, Snapchat... The only good apps are Telegram an Chrome
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