Update YouTube app ᕕ( ◕‿◕)ᕗ

Can't slide and close minimzed videos anymore!!!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)


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    The current design is pissing me off.

    Slide and close was the only good thing about the app.
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    You can download YouTube Vanced which is a modified version of the original YouTube app. It allows to switch to the old design (and it has a dark theme).
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    The first one was the only good one. There's a nice German word for that which I can't translate.

    Also, look into NewPipe.
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    @PrivateGER newpipe is bae.
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    @Floydian @bigus-dickus you slide the little tab that come when you slide down the video. Then you close it. I agree with the shit design, you can't use the back button to go back from the vids you watched.
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    Slide and close is still kinda there.
    It's just slide down + swipe down , instead of slide down swipe sideways. And one will get used to it eventually.
    The actual Devil is the BACK BUTTON.
    Accidentally click on some other thumbnail while watching a video 🙂You can't go back now 😑.
    Go to library,then find the video in watch history. 😑
    Now it would start from the beginning. ,Even the ad will play again 🙂.
    So watch the ad again, seek to the exact point you left it. >>10sec << 10sec. Ok finaly at the correct point.

    This is pure shit !
    I think it's because they want us to watch the ad again. 😑
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    @ceee Slide down + swipe down...

    What the actual fuck!!!!

    That worked. What shitty UX by Google.

    Fuckers didn't even have a on-boarding tutorial for that.
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    @Floydian yeah there should have been a tutorial.
    I randomly tried swiping everywhere in frustration and had a Eureka moment 🤣
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    You must join as a tester.
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    Fuck man. I was wondering why I was pressing back button on the video while it wasn't going back to previous video. Fuck. Now I know why. It was an old habit. I almost forgot there used be a back feature.

    Why the fuck google wants to break my habit loop. 👿
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    And minimized video overlapped by bottom navigation bar (on my device)
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    @PrivateGER it's almost every app that's gets verschlimmbessert with updates... Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp, Snapchat... The only good apps are Telegram an Chrome
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    If you're rooted and have xposed:

    YouTube 13.24.57 is still adfree when using "Youtube adaway" xposed module. Pair it with "YouTube background playback" xposed module and enable dark theme and it works great.

    Add installing NewPipe for when you want to download videos from YouTube (without captions at the moment sadly) and you have a perfect ad free, download optional YouTube experience with background playback!
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    @arcadesdude Ok I do have a rooted phone running lineage OS Nougat 7.1. I'll have to figure out the rest of what you said.
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    @bigus-dickus im running the same. Google is your friend but if you have questions or get stuck I can be too lol
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