Advertisers before users.


Edit: Found this on Reddit and wanted to share.

It's not me.

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    Dont suicide just because of google
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    I hope this is just because you’re curious and nothing more
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    @Alice @devTea Edited the post :)
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    Dude, don't do it! Give life another chance. XOXO.
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    It feels weird, but when do you ever read the first result on a search page? Its an ad.. I automatically skip over it.
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    Im sure that company is sure their product is going to work!
    (Even in that scenario!)

    Fucking assholes...
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    Guys come on, there's not a guy at Google that put ads, one by one, for each query. It's obviously automatic and I wanna believe they just forgot to remove them when you make these "research"
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    @Codex404 when I use an ad blocker
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    @crisz yeah - there's much more to it, but in an essence that's it. Not defending them but google doesn't control where the contextual ads pop up. There is ways to blacklist certain "topics" but hoping you will cover all scenarios is kinda like completing a task of listing all things humans could trip over.

    I actually worked at google at some stage assisting with improving their ad violation evaluation model and you would be surprised how much manual work is actually involved in keeping this beast up and running without doing dumb shit. Contextual ads is a very powerful tool, but evaluations are unpredictable sometimes and too many times while working there I came across things like e.g. knife sharpening tools ads next to an article about stabbing. There is too many edge case scenarios to think of, reporting those things improves the general quality over time :)
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    @Alice And these advertised pills are melatonin, for which an overdose will completely fuck up your sleeping cycle and make you shiver and feel like you have an incredibly bad flu... But not strong enough to kill you.

    Death by medication is usually so uncomfortable that your life must be extremely shitty to even consider it.

    Someone close to me took a mix of sleeping aids, antidepressants and painkillers... I spent three days next to her in the hospital while she hallucinated, had epileptic attacks, retched out everything from stomach acid to blood to bile, but death decided to just sit in the corner, watch, and laugh...
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