Finally wrote and published this blog which was in queue for a long time.

Please let me know how you feel about this.

How music helped me to become an active listener: http://prismo.net/blogs/...

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    @Floydian 502 Bad Getaway error...
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    @Alice The title is not related to the content. This question should be closed.
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    @FahadAlt Working fine for me.

    @Alice what?
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    @FahadAlt @undef Can you try now?
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    Works for me
    Also, get some https :)
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    @Floydian its working fine now :)
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    @undef it's not static, I am working on it to convert the php to js so that I can host it on GitLab pages itself. Thanks though.

    @Linux fixed the DNS which I overlooked (partially) after migrating to another Heroku server. Also, they don't allow HTTPS on free tier. And let's encrypt is available on hobby version.

    @FahadAlt great. Let me know what you think. I will improve it on feedback.
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    Great read. Can totally relate.

    Tbh, I found "In the End" by LP first few years back and then started listening to Metal/Rock. Imho, bollywood songs fail to convey a message and the feelings of the track.

    All I hear now from my friends these days is Happy Bhaag Jayegi, and other Arijit style Devdas and Devdasans and I'm like

    **I really should get new friends** 😂🤮
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    @hiTesh Bollywood/Pop music has no purpose apart from attracting teens and earning profits.

    I find it meaningless.

    Other genres have a purpose, a meaning to it and a reason behind the creation.

    But hey! That's my opinion and this is subjective.
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    That is an awesome blog post.
    Saved it as pdf.
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    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- haha thanks bro 😊
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    Didn't read everything (maybe later) but I like it 🤘

    Do you have a bandcamp account?
    https://bandcamp.com/irithyll - maybe there is something for you. It's more deathcore, slam, grindcore... hm hm ☺
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    Nice blog post. Gonna be checking out this melodic death metal band you mentioned.
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    @Irithyll no. I don't have an account but I do often visit the site.

    I mostly explore on www.metal-archives.com and then torrent the content. I have to pirate as things are not available in my country easily.

    Thanks for checking the blog 😊

    @AgeOfRanterance sure. Do check both of them. Thanks 😊
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    Not available 🤔 Huhm.
    I try to buy it as you can see 😝

    But if there is no high quality format available (better: purchasable) I search it on these evil sites, too 😂

    My fav band is In Flames btw.

    Edit: Is this the only article? Is there an overview?
    I saved it as bookmark - maybe there'll be more interesting content... or just content... or something else... :3
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    @Irithyll you can two of my other blogs under blog section here: http://prismo.net/Behind-the-scenes...
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    @Floydian very great article, I enjoyed reading it.
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    @FahadAlt thank you 😊
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    Nice one again! Music to life, a journey!
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