I just visited Instagram and found this useful page called “ad interests.” At first I looked at it, and it showed 10 interests. But then... there was a button “show more.” After clicking it, the page turned into 6 FUCKING PAGES OF EVERY LITTLE THING I HAD AN INTEREST IN OVER 4 YEARS.

The worst part... it even got some of my fetish categories... HOW THOUGH? I’ve only visited deviantart once on my phone... shit. Thankfully my computer is free from ANY Facebook products. But, cmon. Why did I even trust them in the first place?

Oh shit. They even scanned all of my messages. Wow. They’ve got topics about which my friends were taking about “Sword art online,” and “Sailor Moon.” I’ve never watched them, but my friends off-handedly mentioned them in some DM’s. Fuuuuu......

I think I’ll delete this account as soon as possible...

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