Day 2 of Installing Bottled app:

Nobody even here answered by bottle 😂

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    @bleh So I installed the postcards app 30 minutes back. The first response I get is "Ugh, Indian again". Approximately at the same time I got a bottle in bottled and I answered it.

    Waiting for the bobs joke now.
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    @bleh Random. What's the probability that an Indian sends a bottle and you ignore it? What's the probability that I send a bottle and you get it 😂
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    @bleh So the question is do you accept Indian bottles? I am asking it to understand whether Indians go to different apps wanting to avoid Indians.
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    I would be using this to keep updating my experiences on the app till I get fed up.

    One week after:

    - Either my bio or my nationality seems to be an issue. My bottle gets thrown around from one person to another. 😂
    - When I accept an incoming bottle, most of them delete the chat without an hello. Again, people of different nationality.
    - Some accept the bottle and the first message that you send as 'Hi' or hello, the chat gets deleted. WTF.
    - People who have accepted bottle so far are from India expect one other person.
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