Found a cool plugin in hunt for darkning pages and found one called "Night Reader" for chrome but sadly it shows some ugly padding in devrant, otherwise seem like a doable plugin, just taught of sharing my discovery have a good night :)

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    Maybe check Stylus? It has a lot of premade styles. And steer away from Stylish. It's the original buy it's been sold and is spying on users ever since.
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    @Agred yeh i heared some bad stuff about them, mainly in devrant so i went for the most basic. but i'll check it out, thanks.
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    In Firefox there's no problem with Dark Reader (I love this add-on) and devRant... hm...

    Edit: You wrote Night Reader... do we mean the same?... xD
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    @Irithyll i meant "night reader" damn this dark reader has more than night reader and its awesome. out with night reader, in with dark reader lol
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