I got lecture notes from previous students, and I kid you not, they were all completely entirely fully useless. 😐😐

I do know that this is the nature of research based degrees, but fuck it is frustrating every fucking time.

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    Just google the topics, done
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    I was just about to say " I PAY SO MUCH FOR EDUCATION, why should I Google? What is the profs doing then?" but then I remembered that education is free here 😐😐😐
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    @NoMad hahahaha
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    Man, if I get into a uni doing cyber security, it'll be awesome. :/
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    I thought the same (different course tho) and I'm still struggling with stuff that are not uni related. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    @NoMad well, idk if I'll get to into uni. :/
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    Apply for more unis. It increases your chances. Don't fixate on one degree. Try other degrees as well, so in case you fail for that degree for whatever reason, you can get into another, and then change degrees (or even unis)
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