Once i noticed that in Arch Linux every time i need something - i make it work by myself. Thought i tired of it. And decided to install Ubuntu and forget about any tinkering and tweaking. Just install and fucking work.

And this laggy shit welcomes me with "Sorry, Ubuntu 18.04 has experienced an internal error" message. I almost killed myself with facepalm. I started chrome and checked RAM usage: 2GB! I can't describe how slow was it.

I think is better to dive into arch wiki and make your dream distro. Mine uses KDE Plasma, which more customizable, much prettier, smooth, and uses ~400MB of RAM.

Try Arch, friends

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    I couldn't agree with this any more! Honestly. After spending a 3 years or so using ubuntu mate as my primary os, I moved to arch. After the initial learning curve, I've never looked back.

    Side note: arch is fucking amazing.
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    @nemyxa Welcome to the dark side of devRant. The side where only real Linux OS is Arch.
    Welcome to the Arch team.
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    Hell yeah, arch and plasma , great combination
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