*Random opening scene* "My names sam, and you're probably wondering, how i ended up in this situation"

But nah honestly, I started this job about Feb this year. It's awesome, I have autism and other difficulties and my colleagues and boss made changes and worked with me so that I could still enjoy the job. I couldn't fault them at all.

How ever, every early stage startup also has an investor... and typically, he's pretty god damn involved.

I feel sorry for the company I work at, I used to run my own tech company too. You need money, so you take an investor, and in the long run... the investor steals your devs and uses them on another project. Happened many times. It happened again here.

He originally just wanted me to build out this one singular large feature on the app. Sure, thats no problem. It was challenging but fun.

2 months later, the feature is basically done.
His other dev team quit the project.

There is a holy god amount of bugs in the actual application. Guess which dev is next in-line to fix those....? me.

I just agreed to work on the one feature, now I'm supporting the main companies project and the investors side hustle.

Not just that, I'm getting a wirlwind of features thrown at me to implement and fix....

On top of all this.... I was hired as a Junior Dev.... who has 10 years experience btw.

But.... everyone treats me real well, pay is pretty bad, but still the best i had so far.

What in the actual fuck do I do?

I didnt know who to speak to or ask, so accept my apologies. But I'm stuck, I love the company and their employees, hate the investor and his project.

It's almost tempting to just quit and go to another job. I had an offer of less pay, but a higher %. It's a long term client too, so essentially I'm working on my own projects. Interesting.

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    I have no advice to give you but good going I hope things turn out good for ya
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    A big lie people often believe is telling themselves it doesn't get any better. If you're unhappy and the situation isn't looking like it's going to change (and you've leveraged the situation as much as you can to boost your resume), I recommend looking elsewhere for work. There are lots of great opportunities out there. Good luck.
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