Alright. I'm done with the basic documentation. here are the links to all the stuff I have been working on:

Virtual CPU / emulator - https://github.com/Ewpratten/...

Bootloader - https://github.com/Ewpratten/...

Assembler - https://github.com/Ewpratten/DirAS

Graphics emulator / driver -https://github.com/Ewpratten/...

Feel free to break stuff and report it in the comments or in github.

contributions are greatly appreciated.

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    @theoct0 I told you it wouldn't take me very long. Haha.

    Still more to add tho..
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    @ewpratten You're an impressive teenager. Please don't give up on being awesome as you become an adult, that would be a shame.
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    What’s dirobium and why’s the emulator names after a nuclear fusion fuel? Also keep up the good work
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    @Orni it's a name. I needed a name, so I use that.

    Also, thanks.
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    @wowotek i believe you will go crazy doing this kinda thing
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    Abso-fucking-lutely wonderful!
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    Man give me your email / discord id, I would like to join in your future projects and sexy ideas.🐸
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    @canonbolt yes, i just want to say this. any discord id ? @ewpratten
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    @aureliagbrl thanks for pointing that out hon.
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    @wowotek @canonbolt I'm not really a discord person. I do all my communication through signal. If you both have the app, send me your phone number to

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    @canonbolt @wowotek I'm currently adding support for strings into the assembler, and upgrading the bootloader.

    My to-do list looks like this:




    Implementing jmpf and jmpb instructions

    Writing a microkernel

    Create a better display emulator + driver.

    Feel free to help out and make some prs to the repos.

    I also wouldn't mind people creating their own virtual devices (a storage device would be cool). Take a look at how graphite works for some guidance.
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    @ewpratten Hey, found a typo:


    The installation is split into two parts. Setting up the pyzip and setting up the enulation environment

    in enulation = emulation
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    Btw care to explain how it works? I mean, it emulates what? and how?

    A better description would help us noobs understand what it's all about.

    And I'm into electronics, Arduino and stuff might be interested.
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    @GyroGearloose thanks. Do you mind making a pr?
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    @GyroGearloose I can give a quick description here. I am way to tired to update the readme right now.

    I made up my own cpu architecture and assembly language, but I don't have the knowledge or resources to build my own cpu + rest of a computer. So, I made an emulator.
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    @ewpratten WOW nice


    Does it have any implementation?

    Meaning is it usefull?
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    @GyroGearloose Pull Request. That's a git thing.
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    @GyroGearloose well... No. Not really. It's just something for me to play with, and teach myself how to do super low level things like writing a bios or a kernel.

    And now I can program in binary haha.
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    Really nice. keep it up.

    I don't use git yet :p I'll learn eventually...
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    Scored yourself a follower here. I'll have to take a peek and see if there's anything I can give a hand with :)
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    @nanoandrew4 I'm currently in school again, so no major progress is being made.

    I'm in the process of rewriting the execution code to make it operate a bit like a normal computer

    Then, I would like to do a kernel.
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